Foundation Review: Makeup Forever HD

I've had this foundation for several months now and I never got around to doing a proper review for it, so I though it would be fitting for today's blog post.

The main reason I fail to mention this foundation is because it doesn't match my skin tone 90% of the time. I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I walked out Sephora with shade #123 in tow after being "colour matched" by one of the girls there.
The lighting in Sephora is always so messed up, I wouldn't trust half the shades being thrown at me from now on.

Anyways, so long story short - the foundation is extremely yellow on me, and the only way it ever looks remotely acceptable is freshly after a dose of fake tan. In the summer it looked great mixed in with YSL Teint Resist in #5.

So today I had a dose of St. Tropez (I use the mousse) and I was able to slap this on, take some pictures, and can finally write a decent review for you!


- good medium coverage, can be built up without looking cakey
- easy to blend
- photographs extremely well
- comes with a pump and is reasonably priced
- wide colour range (if matched properly... haha)
- doesn't transfer as much as others (i.e. Chanel foundations)


- doesn't work well as a daytime foundation... makes face seem quite flat and dimensionless when used by itself. Contouring/highlighting always needed.
- mediocre staying power (oils break through in about 3 hours even after powdering)

In conclusion, I do quite like this foundation and I do think it's worth giving a try. It would be rubbish as a daytime foundation in the summer on oily skin, but really - our skins are all so different and have varying needs throughout the year, it's very rare that we ever encounter one foundation that can truly do it all. I find myself needing different things from my foundation in the summer, winter, daytime, nighttime.

I was on the fence about this for a long time and most of my issues with it were colour-related... I almost always had to mix it with other foundations to get a proper match.

After giving it a whirl by itself for a few times I can truly say that I do like this foundation. It's literally the only foundation that has passed every flash photography test. The flash on my DSLR camera hardly ever poses a problem with foundations, regular digital cameras are less forgiving and perhaps the WORST flash photos for making the face look lighter than the body is the flash on my BlackBerry camera. This foundation is literally the only one that looks great even with that dreadful cellphone camera flash - no white face in sight:

I think it's a good one to have around.

What have your experiences been with MUFE HD? Would you purchase/repurchase this?