In and Out (April Edition)


- cleaning out my closet (cue Eminem's dramatic rap). Made some little girls very happy with my "cool" Abercrombie/Hollister gear from the high school years :) I am such a hoarder, I can't believe I still had some of that stuff, barely worn, hanging around.

- Nutella. Just got 2 big jars *happy face*

- Snoop Dogg (this is really random but I just realized that he's been looking exactly the same since 1992, I wonder what anti-aging regime he uses haha)

- Celebrity Apprentice - I love Nene, Marlee and Lil Jon this season

- longer days! Sun sets after 7PM now, which is wonderful

- frequent blogging! I'm trying to post daily this month to the best of my ability... Can you believe that in all of 2010 I only posted 49 times? Despicable. 2011 will definitely be my year of the blog.


- sensitive teeth. Oww.

- still being sick, roll on week 2 of my hackling cough.


- growing out my roots. They're at the most annoying stage ever, and I'm still not sure what I want to do with my hair... all I know is I don't have time to get it done at the moment so I just keep looking at pictures like these to try to keep motivating myself to let my dark roots grow... one more month!!!