IN & OUT (Easter Edition)


- long weekend spent with family, really looking forward to not doing anything at all except for eating lamb and easter eggs and potato salad :)

- the little REN skincare starter kit I bought from Sephora (the blemish treatment kit) is quite nice, I used all the products today and so far no complaints! I'm still loving the La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo acne treatment but knock on wood I haven't had any new blemishes in over a month so I don't need to repurchase it just yet.

- The Only Way Is Essex. This TV show makes me so happy. I watch it online - the episodes are often posted on YouTube the day after the show airs in the UK. It's hilarious. Joey Essex is the best thing to happen to that show, him and his little white Smart car.

- My Stuart Weitzman ankle boots arrived in the mail last week and I've been in love with them since. They make the cold weather we're having easier to bear since it means I get to wear them out more often haha...

- perfume. I'm a junkie. I'm excited to smell the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino range of body products... the products and the campaign photos look so good already


- November weather. It's almost May, I want sunshine NOW.

- ran out of St. Tropez... must restock!

- dry and dull hair, any recommendations for a good repair treatment?

- falling in love with this Alexis Bittar necklace only to find out it's almost $350 and way out of my reach at the moment

- Gossip Girl. I was so excited for this to come back after the 6 week break only to be disappointed to the max. Chuck still sounds like a whispery old man, Serena still has the IQ of a hamster, and what the hell is the purpose of Vanessa in this show other than to be a big buzzkill at all times? *groan*

That's about it for me today, hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Happy Easter if you're celebrating :)