Absolutely Loving...

A couple of weeks ago on my YouTube channel I posted a video with some new products I purchased from The Body Shop, and now here I am to talk about one of my favourites (I liked everything I bought, but this made the most difference) -
the Mango body scrub!

mmmm, doesn't it look yummy?

Not only does it smell divine, like sweet and fresh mango, but it contains mango seed oil which is perfect for dry skin.
I often get super dry skin on my lower legs and my feet, and this scrub has been absolutely amazing. It isn't too abrasive, but it has just the right amount of "scrub" so that it successfully gets rid of dry skin and the mango seed oil left behind keeps the skin super soft, with a slight sheen.

This is divine on legs and feet in the summer, I tell ya!

Have you tried these body scrubs before? What do you think?