Another healthy dose of "Style-spiration"

I love fashion, I really do. I get really excited when I see pictures of outfits that inspire me, and they genuinely make me happy. Some of you know what I mean, some might think I'm crazy but hey - to each our own, right? :)

This photo made me jump up and down (until I got to the hat part, which looks like some sort of roadkill/pom pom mixture but that's just my anti-hat nature coming out to attack haha)...
It's a perfect outfit. It's sophisticated, looks comfortable, and undeniably chic.
I love the way she paired interesting bright shades (that blazer is to die for) with classic nude pumps and a loose nude blouse.

The shoes are Pigalle Platos by Christian Louboutin, and this photo might just end my on-going debate of "which Louboutins should I buy first? Should I go for Pigalle or Pigalle Plato?". Pigalles are probably the most classic Louboutins in my humble opinion, but many complain that they are uncomfortable due to their lack of platform and high arch. So not too long ago Mr. Louboutin decided to slightly cure our suffering by designing the Pigalle Plato, same classic Pigalle look and feel, but with a beautifully constructed thin platform to make walking a bit easier.

I think this would make a great birthday present for myself at the end of summer, don't you think? :)