I always go through phases with my eyeliner, sometimes I prefer the smudgy black look of a kohl pencil, other times I opt for the sharp and intense lines of a liquid liner.

Something that merges both of those effects together and I've been using a lot lately is my Shu Uemura painting liner (in black - of course!).

This brand is pretty hard to come by in North America nowadays (online only for US residents), and you can still find some Shu Uemura counters at Holt Renfrew in Canada, which is where I found mine.

It doesn't glide as smoothly as MAC Fluidline, but the pigment is much more intense and the formula is more of a cream base than a gel.
It doesn't dry out at all, and I've read reviews that it lasts well over a year without any drying out... which is something that I can't say about MAC Fluidline, that goes chunky after 8 months or so.

The pigment stays put and remains intense throughout the day. This is what it looked like on my eye after about 10 hours of wear:

As you can see, the MAC Paint Pot (in Rubenesque) that I had on is starting to crease,
while the eyeliner remains intact. No powder needed to set it!

What type of black eyeliner do you prefer?