In and Out...


- being able to leave the house without a jacket on! I missed warm weather

- Cheryl Cole is officially coming to US X-factor (I totally became addicted to the UK version of the show over the past year and I'm so happy it's coming to the US with 2 of my favourite judges)

- Macademia oil treatment... dare I say it's better than Moroccan Oil. My hair has never felt better.

- big voluminous, wavy hair. I doubt I'd ever achieve J-Lo volume levels but a girl can dream, right? She looks so much better without those longggggg raggedy extensions.

- REN Clearcalm skincare range verdict: I've really been enjoying the clay cleanser. I've been using it every other morning and it leaves my skin clean and has helped regulate my oil production. The day fluid has a nice texture and works well as an oil-free primer but it smells so bad I don't think I could ever repurchase it just on that reason alone... it makes me nauseous. The night treatment is useless. I prefer my Avene Diacneal.


- Gossip Girl. Don't get me started...

- super dry feet... anyone know of a great foot treatment/cream in preparation for summer time? That PedEgg thing looks promising yet frightening at the same time.

- not having any upcoming trips planned. This needs to change ASAP.