Relaxing Sunday... another IN & OUT post


- I've been absolutely obsessed with the scent of this candle. So obsessed that I even took an artsy, serene photo of it with my camera:

Mmm doesn't it look amazing? It's from Bath and Body Works, and it makes my room smell cozy and delicious. I'm usually not a fan of "baked goods" scents or anything like that, but there is just something different and rich about this scent!

- speaking of scents and Bath and Body Works... their new Coconut Mango stuff... *drool*
Will definitely pick up a bit of the range before I head on vacation since I can't carry my big shower gel and body scrub/lotion tubs that I have from The Body Shop. The "Carried Away" scent is great for summer too, might pick up a body mist for my stinky transatlantic plane ride ;)

- body care in general. I've been really into pampering myself recently. I never used to really bother with lotions and shower gels and things like that, but I really enjoy it now

- bonus airmiles... I'm like a crazy coupon lady, but with air miles or rewards points. I just love collecting extra points haha


- Cheryl Cole fired from US X-factor?!?!! I still hope it's just a dirty fake rumour but it seems like it's true... and I am so pissed. I love her. I think she's beautiful and charming and she always picked good songs for her X-factor people on the UK version of the show. I would have loved to see her in the US. That whole excuse about her accent being "too thick" for Americans to understand it pathetic and ridiculous... Ozzy freaking Osbourne had a hit show in the USA and no one could understand what the hell he was saying, even with subtitles!
Anyways, I'm sad and angry. End rant.