SandraLush, Skincare, Shampoo

Trip to Lush

SandraLush, Skincare, Shampoo

I had forgotten about Lush in recent months until a few days ago when I started longing for the clarifying powers of Big shampoo.

If you recall, I was unimpressed by Big as a shampoo for regular use since it was full of salt and a bit harsh on my coloured hair. However, I did find that it did a good job at properly clarifying and getting rid of product build-up when used once a month or so.

In the store today, after chatting a bit with the sales assistant, she recommended that I try Rehab shampoo instead - apparently it also has clarifying properties and it smelled divine so I bought a little bottle and will give it a try.

Smells a lot better than the "Tide" scent of Big, and it is loaded with fruit juices. Will review it after I've gotten the chance to use it a bit.

I also purchased my beloved Cosmetic Warrior mask - a mask that smells and looks like some sort of hummus. It has clay, green tea and garlic in it and it makes my skin look and feel amazing. Highly recommended for my fellow ladies with acne-prone skin that gets congested easily.

Hope you're all having a great monday!