Under The Sea...

I am absolutely loving the beautiful marine-inspired silver jewelry pieces
that just came out in the Elizabeth and James accessory line.

While I think they are slightly overpriced (like everything else from that brand, but that's another story), the ideas are lovely and I love how they incorporated the marine theme in a subtle way.

Here are some of my favourite pieces (all images from Shopbop):

these gorgeous earrings resemble pieces of coral
and would look amazing against blonde or red hair

an anchor ring - simple and cute, but definitely not worth $85
you could easily find a more affordable piece at Forever21/Asos, etc.

this is probably my favourite piece, I've never seen anything like this
so dainty and cool at the same time

another coral-inspired piece

And since we're talking about coral, I am also on the hunt for the perfect bright coral/orange dress for this summer season. I'd even settle for a loose silky tank top in the colour... would look amazing paired with a white or nude skirt.
I love the shape and style of this dress, by the brand Future Classics - a cool English brand that I have been admiring from afar - they are quite pricy, but beautiful nonetheless.

See? It's not always about turquoise and navy when talking about the sea.

What inspires you this summer?