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An Unexpected Result

Sandrabody care

I don't remember if I mentioned it in a blog post or a video a while back (it was one or the other, for sure), but I randomly purchased this Nivea anti-cellulite gel when it was on sale at the drug store and after several weeks of regular use (I use it every other night, massaging it thoroughly for about 5 minutes in the areas of concern) I can honestly say that it has made an improvement in the texture of my skin and the appearance of those pesky cellulite dimples has reduced dramatically.

Now, I have also incorporated regular glute exercises - I just like to do random little workouts that I learn from ToneItUp - and after about 2 months of keeping this regular routine I am so happy with the results.

Not sure how much of it was due to the magical Nivea gel, but I love the way it feels on the skin. It instantly feels smooth and it is so easy to massage into the skin. The scent is pleasant as well. I don't think that there is any one magical cream for us to apply that will make our cellulite go away no matter how crazy the claims - but I definitely think that they can help when paired up with the right amount of exercise.

I will happily continue to apply this to my behind every night...

Have you ever tried an "anti-cellulite" cream?