Airport Style?

I usually look like I just crawled out of a garbage can when I'm strolling around in an airport before/after a long flight. I'm always looking tired, my face is an oily mess... in other words, epic fail.

I am determined to change that this time around. While I don't think I'd ever pull out all the stops Victoria Beckham style (I doubt she has to carry her suitcases all alone until her hands get sore haha), I have found some inspiring and achievable airport looks:

The verdict seems to be: a loose-fitting, comfortable top, a casual shoe (probably sandals in my case since it's summer, with a pair of socks for the plane since they always like to air condition the hell out of the cabin), tight yet soft trousers/jeans, a roomy tote or satchel, and a large pair of sunglasses!

I searched my closet and this is what I put together for myself:

The most comfortable pair of cotton leggings I own, a loose-fitting white tank, an off the shoulder black sweater in case I get cold, my H&M sunglasses and a tote large enough to fit my laptop (this one is by Alexander McQueen).

I figured I could easily change into some jeans after I land and freshen up in order to look more presentable.

I also don't usually wear makeup on planes but I end up breaking out EVERY time, so I'm not sure what to do...

What do you like to wear to the airport?