Cut it out!

I'm on the hunt for the perfect (preferably black but I'm open to suggestions) cut-out dress.

I came across this fierce picture from a Sass & Bide show - side note, I always see wonderful things by this brand online and they're so expensive I can't go near... and I've never seen their stuff in person to see if it's worth it... thoughts? - anyways, this picture is dramatic yet the dress is gorgeous:

Sass & Bide dress - somewhere in the $500 range

It inspired me to search for less pricy alternatives. I have tried some cut-out styles at Forever21 before but the ones I found just felt skanky, we are looking for refined sexy here, people!

So in my search I came across this one from ASOS that I really like, in the $50 range, but the inconsistency in ASOS brand sizing keeps me from buying...

Have you spotted any reasonable priced cut-outs lately? Have you ever tried Sass & Bide?