SandraMAC, Skincare

Frustrating product of the month...

SandraMAC, Skincare

If there was one product I am completely annoyed and on the fence by, it's this one.
I don't think I blogged about it before despite owning it for about a year.
This month it has "re-surfaced" and I've been trying desperately to use it up...

In theory, it's a wonderful product - designed to minimize the look of pores and to refine skin texture when applied, while combatting oil and shine.

A light gel texture, you only need to spread a small amount over areas of interest (for me, this is the T-zone). It instantly dries and leaves the area matte and smooth and minimizes the appearance of pores...
however, once you apply foundation over top, all hell breaks loose.
It's impossible for me to blend any foundation I've tried on top of this product... I've owned this product for over a year and have tried it with every foundation I've owned since... whether it be a light textured tinted moisturizer, mineral powders, a matte finish or a dewy finish foundation. I just can't get it to blend over the areas where I've applied this.
It instantly disintegrates and turns all strange and sticky, and it's been doing it ever since I purchased it.

I've tried applying it on top of foundation and it was a mess as well...

In conclusion, this product frustrates me because it does work when applied alone not in conjunction with any makeup, which unfortunately just doesn't work for me.

If you are an oily skinned girl that hardly wears any face makeup, definitely give this a go. I've been using this on "no makeup" days around the house or lounging by the pool or the beach.

The search for the magical mattifying pore minimizer continues!