SandraBronzer, Chanel

a small "pick-me-up"

SandraBronzer, Chanel

Today I woke up feeling less than fabulous. The chilly, rainy weather has left me with a nice cold, so I canceled plans I had to go out and opted to stay at home and try to nurse myself back to health with random teas and lemon before the cold gets any worse.
Catch it at the roots, I say!

Anyways, I put some makeup on to make myself feel better haha... and the perfect product to make a pale, sneezing and stuffy-nosed face better was in my hands:
Soleil Tan De Chanel.

I apply it with a MAC 168 angled brush, and I will show how I apply it in an upcoming video since I've gotten a few requests (I find that the key to this product is to slowly build it up, start with very little product and gently buff it in. This will prevent it from getting weird or muddy or patchy.)

It's the perfect "warm up the skin" tone. Slightly warmer than the bronzers I'm used to (NARS Laguna, Benefit Hoola, etc.), this product works well for an overall warming up of the complexton rather than a dramatic contour.

In other words, the perfect pick-me-up!!
Much needed at this time.

Hope your day is better than mine!!