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SandraTravel, Personal
It finally stopped raining here in Sibiu so I took full advantage and took a stroll downtown.

It was a beautiful day, slightly cloudy but sunny and a breeze... was lovely catching up with an old friend, browsing through some shops (have my eye on a cute dress and some rings!!!) and settling down for some coffee on a patio overlooking the city center.

Amongst all that good stuff I managed to get my hands on a few essentials:

1. a Romanian sim card (silly to blog about but necessary nonetheless)
2. Bioderma (I didn't want to lug my big 500mL bottle with me and was happy to find it at a pharmacy here... cheaper than what it costs in Canada)
3. Vicky Normaderm Pro Mat (because my skin has been Greasefest 2011)

I have high hopes for that Vichy product, I've had loads of recommendations for their Normaderm range so we'll see how it goes.

Hope you're having a lovely monday :)