In and Out, end of August



- late summer/fall TV shows!
Currently obsessed with Big Brother - the US version since the "celebrity" UK one gives me a migraine. I mean, Paddy the gypsy is on it for crying out loud and I'm pretty sure he's more relevant than Tara Reid. Entourage is also great, Dexter and Gossip Girl start soon-ish and fall always makes me want to re-watch old episodes of Sex and The City *sigh* life is good :)

- cardigans. Since I lost my old Zara favourite, this fall a new grey cardigan is on the horizon.

- my birthday is on wednesday... will be spent at work but a lovely dinner with friends is planned for the next day

- studded jewelry, bracelets in particular. I stumbled upon this photo in Tumblr the other day and I had heart palpitations:

Naturally I haven't got a clue where any of these are from but I WANT! That skeleton tail one is pretty amazing as well. Also, if you've seen Jay-Z and Kanye West's Otis music video, one of the girls in the back of their Maybach has the most gorgeous gold studded bracelet as well (yes this is what I observe in rap music videos...)

Even this week's Net-A-Porter lady is rocking some studded bangles:

- Since my next weekend off from work won't be until Canadian Thankgiving (early October), I am planning to go see my friend in Arizona and soak in some sunshine in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for a few days. Trip planning makes me happy.


- my Chapters order hasn't shipped out yet. I feel like this should be a "first world problems" type of tweet but there's nothing worse than placing an order for some items - in my case books - you're excited about and it takes longer than usual to receive them

- my incredibly shitty (for a lack of better terms) jewelry storage. I don't even know if you can call it storage, it's basically a mass of boxes tossed around in a drawer. I need a re-vamp! How do you organize your jewelry?