In and Out, extremely annoyed edition



- not too many INs, I'm afraid... however I have been enjoying drinking copious amounts of mineral water (S. Pellegrino FTW) as of late

- I've also been getting regular manicures to get my healthy nail kick starting since they were a mess for the past year. After 2 weeks of Shellac my nails were nice and strong and longer. I got it removed today since I do like to change it up with colours from my collection, and opted for Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have fun - a bright pink coral that stole my heart at the beginning of summer. It's the slightly pink sister of OPI Cajun Shrimp, which leans more on the orange coral side.

- damn it, I got sucked into the Jersey Shore whirlpool for yet another season. I've been loving Big Brother as well, but if Rachel keeps lurking around I may have a nervous breakdown.

- using up products... expect a video to come on that soon, if my computer decides to co-operate.


- something went wrong when I installed my new operating system (OS X Lion, which is performing like a dying cat rather than a ferocious feline) because every time I try to record a video in iMovie, the sound and video get increasingly out of sync as the video progresses. No bueno.

- Canadian Chanel counters are extremely slow at putting out merchandise. I'm sick of stalking the counter every week to still find a half-empty display of Summer 2011.

- MAC's new collections. Zero interest. I do need to get Patina eyeshadow sometime soon though.

- eyeliner! I have yet to use eyeliner this month... crazy, eh?