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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: the good and bad

SandraSkincare, cleansers

Please excuse the use of generic photograph, but my muslin cloth is embarrassingly stained at the moment and I do not wish to harm your vision by showing it to you in a photo.

I've gotten several requests for a review on this - and now that I've been using it for a good couple of months I'm ready to share my experience.

First off, if you're not familiar - Liz Earle is a British brand, and their "cleanse and polish" cleansing system is their most well-known product. It is a creamy foam cleanser (quite a densely packed foam that spreads like a cream, if that makes any sense) and if you buy the intro kit it comes with a cleanser and two muslin cloths.
To use, you massage 1-2 pumps of the cleanser onto your skin. It starts melting off all the makeup and dirt, then you wet the cloth with hot water and wipe the cleanser and the melted impurities off your face. A quick rinse afterwards and voila - beautiful cleansed skin!

Here were my pros and cons while using this cleanser:

- loved the scent (very herbal)
- natural product, free of sulfates and parabens
- didn't break me out (I'm acne prone and oily and sensitive so this was a huge plus)
- great for travel, I left my Clarisonic at home while I was traveling because it was heavy and took up too much space but this was a very worthy replacement
- skin felt amazingly radiant and clean afterwards

...sooo yeah, I really loved this! It would definitely be my "holy grail" if it wasn't for...

- for me, in Canada (and for you ladies in the USA too, I'm guessing), we can only get this online from their official website
- the price... at $31 a pop for 100mL, this is double the cost and half the size of the Cetaphil cleanser I regularly use. I wouldn't really mind since one bottle goes a long way - I've used mine daily for 2 months and I'm still not out, and they also sell 3 packs of it for $58.50 BUT...
- shipping to Canada costs $17 *cries* in the US it's $7 which is a lot more reasonable

Bottom line... I hate having to rely on online shopping for such an essential product like a cleanser.
I do love this product, though, so I would gladly repurchase and have it in my arsenal for travel since the foam is very light and convenient... but I'm not getting rid of my beloved (yet chemical-ridden) Cetaphil Cleanser just yet.