Magic in a syringe? Brazilian Peel First Impression


Not too long ago I received a little box of random samples with a Sephora purchase.
A lot of those random samples were just fluff - things that either got tossed away or tried out with very little enthusiasm.

However, one thing in there got me really excited... one application of the "Brazilian Peel". It's basically an at home glycolic acid peel. It contains 30% glycolic acid which is stronger than many other glycolic products that I have tried before which have been somewhere within the 5%-10% range, but it doesn't sting more than them. It also has some antioxidants in it coming from Acai fruit and comes in a clever "syringe" packaging to make you even more aware at how awesome and clinical-strangth it is, I assume.

One full size package of the peel runs at $78 at Sephora and comes with 4 applications - you're supposed to use one a week. My sample contained one application and I was thoroughly impressed.

Here's what I experienced:

- you push the syringe and the two sides come into contact with each other in your palm
- you rub your palms together to mix the 2 lotions and it starts to warm up
- you apply it all over your face avoiding the eyes and lips
- one syringe contained enough to generously coat my entire face neck and chest
- it stings a lot in the first minute and feels warm and then it subsides
- leaves a thick, clear and slightly sticky residue on the face
- leave it all on for 10 minutes as it works
- rinse it off to reveal AMAZING skin

Literally I couldn't stop staring at myself haha... my skin was glowing, my pores looked smaller and my skin just felt plump and tightened. I'm definitely buying the full size of this later on in the fall.
I prefer to do stronger exfoliating systems like these in the fall/winter (I used a 10% glycolic peel by NeoStrata in the past), because sun exposure isn't recommended and it's easier to avoid the sun during the cooler seasons.

I also wouldn't recommend this if you are still in your late teens/early 20's or if you are still regularly breaking out because you don't want to irritate your skin. Opt for a more gentle alternative like Avene's Diacneal, which I liked to use weekly in the spring/summer.

I am officially entering "mid 20's" territory this month and while my skin is still oily and acne-prone, I'm definitely on the lookout to incorporate some anti-aging tools in my beauty routine. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (such and glycolic and lactic) are great ingredients to keep an eye for since they promote cell turnover, help fade acne scars and contribute to a more glowing complexion.

Are you a glycolic junkie like I am? Tell me about it!