SandraDroolworthy, jewelry

The Rings of Summer

SandraDroolworthy, jewelry

Since my computer is "ill" after upgrading my operating system I cannot film my vacation purchases video until I get my laptop looked at...
So here I am, showing off the 2 rings I bought in Germany that I am absolutely in love with! They have not left my hand on any outing I've made since my return. I've been looking for bold gold rings for ages and was not willing to settle for a cheapish Forever21/H&M version since the tones of gold never matched my Michael Kors watch and I had been hunting for something in the same shade of gold. I also didn't have the money to shell out for 14K gold offerings that I admired from afar.

Cue the angels singing...

The brand is "DYRBERG/KERN" and I had not heard about them since I saw these at a display in the jewelry section of a department store in Munich and pointed with delight. I now know they're a jewelry brand from Denmark, aaaand they make some pretty awesome stuff. They are so incredibly well made and feel great on.

When I travel I tend to hold out and buy a few special pieces to remember the trip by, rather than a pile of disposable items that won't last more than a season.

This concludes my vacation jewelry purchases! :)