Sandrabody care, deodorant

Disappointment 101

Sandrabody care, deodorant

The time has come to finally sit back and evaluate my healthy deodorant experience.

After years of sticking to what I knew I decided, in my quest for becoming more paraben free, to try switching up my deodorant and opt for a more natural alternative --- sidenote, I did try that natural clear crystal deodorant thing before and wasn't a fan.

This is Lavanila's Vanilla Coconut "Healthy Deodorant Stick. It is found at Sephora, it costs a whopping $18, it contains no chemicals - specifically aluminum and parabens which some scientists believe are related to breast cancer but you can read more about it here - and it contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients.

The packaging is beautiful and sturdy. It is a solid white stick. It smells great. I chose Vanilla Coconut but a few other kinds are available as well. 
Now, that's about all I can say... deodorant performance-wise, this product was (and continues to be) AWFUL:
- it stains my clothes... every time
- it feels wet and greasy when applied
- it crumples and settles into the lines of the armpit after a few hours and you can SEE it, it's gross
- has zero sweat control capabilities (which I can understand since it's a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, but it honestly makes it feel like I am sweating even more because it's so "moisturizing" and greasy feeling)

In conclusion, I am going to use this up since it's on its last leg but I am never repurchasing this crap again. $18 deodorant that stains my clothes and feels absolutely disgusting within a mere 2 hours? No thank you...
I've heard some good things about The Body Shop deodorants so I may give those a whirl.

Have you ever deviated from your trusty deodorant (mine was Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea) and what was your experience?