SandraFoundation, Lush, MAC, Skincare

Disappointment 102

SandraFoundation, Lush, MAC, Skincare
Keeping on the roll of products that just aren't doing it for me, today we've got this bunch:

coincidentally they all match :)

1. MAC Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone
2. EOS lip balm
3. LUSH Grease Lightning
4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

I previously mentioned my dissatisfaction with MAC Skin Refine Zone in another post. I tried following some advice from readers, I let it sink in a good 10, 15, 20 minutes prior to applying foundation and the results were still the same. All it did was manage to turn my foundation into gunk. It didn't sit right on top of the product, and even if I used it on clean skin as a skincare treatment it ultimately had zero effect on pore size. It just mattified the hell out of the area it was applied on.

The EOS lip balm is the worst lip balm I have ever tried (maybe tied with the Softlips menthol ones). There are so many better ones out there by Nivea, Carmex, Labello, etc. Even Aquaphor does a better job. I just don't see why these are so popuar given their poor performance. The fact that they look interesting and come in different flavours shouldn't warrant their bad lip balm performance.

LUSH Grease Lightning is a product that works well for others, but does absolutely nothing for me. I've used about half of it and I give up because it literally does nothing but turn weird and flaky on my skin if I leave it on, or do nothing after I rinse it off.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation used to be an old favourite of mine - until I discovered better powder foundations that put this to shame (Giorgio Armani, Chanel, even Bare Minerals Matte kicks its ass). I bought it earlier this year for nostalgic reasons, I guess... and I have maybe used it 5 times. I end up wanting to wash my face about 4 hours in since it starts looking cakey and oxidizes on me during the day. It's also insanely matte when applied so you need some sort of facial spray for it to look natural... off to my "Back 2 Mac" box it goes!

What products haven't been doing it for you lately?