an In and Out post!


- school. Now, I know it's early on... but dare I say I really like this semester so far? Despite the 8:30am starts.

- warm, big scarves with funky patterns

- so many TV shows coming back on - currently loving UK X-factor, the US version starts this week, as well as my other favourite TV shows from across the pond like Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. Then we have Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and of course Dexter. I've got my hands full (of mostly crap but hey, it makes me happy haha)

- excited to check out these new Dior smoky trio eyeshadows, hopefully I'll see them at the counters when I go shopping in the US later this week (my local counter is barren, as always... I swear I see tumbleweeds rolling by every time I walk into The Bay)

so pretty!


- it's 8:00 PM and it's pitch black outside -______-

- I don't own rain boots and I probably need to start looking for a pair before the rain returns

- YouTube and their subscription box being missing in action all weekend

- procrastinating. I'm trying to be good this season - which means I must organize the disaster going on in my dresser sometime soon.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'll see you with some fresh posts later on this week!

Also, I'll be heading to Sephora this coming thursday and would love some recommendations! I want to repurchase MUFE Smoky Lash mascara because I miss it and Lancome Doll Lashes has been transferring like crazy :(