I recently started reading a book called The Happiness Project, and while it's quite boring most of the time it has inspired me in the organization aspect. I spent most of the morning/early afternoon cleaning out drawers, my nightstand, my dresser, the bottom of my closet, etc.

my "creative" manicure - Sephora OPI Metro Chic & Chanel Graphite

I finally made room in my dresser for a proper jewelry drawer. I don't have a massive jewelry collection but I seemed to have collected a lot of crap throughout the years. Prior to this I had too many random boxes, hooks on doors filled with rusty old forever21 necklaces that I hadn't touched in years... I went through every piece and kept only my favourites.

I always get such great satisfaction when I organize, it's therapeutic and it even becomes a bit fun mid-way. I blasted Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album and went to town...

How have you been spending your rainy days?