Reformulation Frustration?

Pardon the cheesy title but I couldn't help myself.

This post is about - you guess it - a product that was an ultimate favourite for me (an item many of us in the beauty community refer to as the "Holy Grail") for under-eye concealing and it was the Bobbi Brown Corrector in the colour Light Peach.

This is the third consecutive year in which I have been using this product and it's a daily staple for me. Most of the time I just use it by itself and find that it suffices in coverage and lasting power.

Well... all of that was nice and dandy until a new formula came along. I'm not sure when in the past year they reformulated their concealers and correctors since I had purchased and used 2 back-ups from last year in the old formula, but as of last week I opened a new fresh pot that I bought last month and... *tears streaming from face* I don't like it anymore!

Here's my problem:

They made it a lot creamier. See the picture above? My old ones never used to do that. This melts on contact almost. It now slides off my face after a mere hour or two, even when I set it with Benefit Powderflage powder. I hardly ever had to powder it before. Now, without powder, it makes my under-eyes look greasy (and it's not a good look). It's also more pigmented which ends up looking like a cakey mess on me once it slid down half a centimetre and settles into every crevice.

I am so disappointed. Now, I understand that the new creamier and more pigmented formula might now accommodate more users with drier under-eye areas, but it's sad to see a product that used to work so well for me not work anymore.

I guess the hunt is on for a new under eye colour corrector and concealer! Feel free to share your favourites with me below. I'm also curious to see if anyone else has had a similar experience with the Bobbi Brown concealer/corrector range.