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street style loving - coloured denim

SandraDenim, Droolworthy, Fashion
I've noticed over the past couple of months, peppered throughout all the street style websites and blogs I follow, the perfect little way to spruce up a tired and dulling wardrobe - coloured denim!
Red, fresh green and royal blue are my favourites so I made this little collage showcasing some of my favourite ways to wear them.

My favourite is probably the last one on the right with the striped top (don't ask me why but I've been looking for the perfect breton striped top for ages and I still haven't found it. I've been close a couple of times but my size wasn't available... *tear*). So simple and put together yet with a hint of creativity.

I tried a pair of green skinnies at Zara when I was in Europe and the colour was perfect but the style did not look good on me at all - it made my behind look like a flat pancake and nobody wants to have that!!

I'm going to continue my search for these because I am convinced that I need a fun pair of jeans for this season. I still remember seeing a girl in Munich this July rocking a bright red pair of skinnies, simple white pocket t-shirt, a black leather jacket and a Chanel wallet on chain worn across her body. I kept staring like a big creep because it was such a simple and cool outfit.

What do you think of this trend? Have you seen or tried any bright skinny jeans this season?