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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Review

SandraChanel, Cosmetics, Foundation
Alright, so this is the new baby in Chanel's foundation family and it is the replacement of Pro Lumiere (a foundation that I previously owned and wasn't over the moon about since I was too oily for it).
I bought Perfection Lumiere without even sampling it before, the lady slapped about 4 different shades on me in order to match me - B30 if you ask - and I happily trotted out of the store.
I got this in the USA last month at Saks Fifth Avenue, I don't think it is released in Canada yet. It costs $55 which is the standard Chanel foundation pricing.

Now let's get to it:

Packaging is beautiful - classic Chanel in a glass bottle and with a pump that tends to clog a bit in the same way that Mat Lumiere foundation does.

What's inside:

one pump of Chanel Perfection Lumiere in B30
This is what it looks like applied on the skin, with nothing else on - no concealer no powder:

coverage from 2 pumps
I found it quite difficult to apply (you can see some streaking around my forehead/temples where I tend to have drier skin). You have to work one small area at a time since it sets so quickly. I found that a classic flat foundation brush (like a MAC 190) is the best way to apply it in order to get an even finish.

The finish is a satin-matte finish. The coverage is light-medium. It evens out skin tone but if you have any scarring or pigmentation, like I do, it will show through.

It's a very "oily skin friendly" foundation. However, if you have ANY dry patches it's going to make them look awful. I definitely do not recommend this if you have dry skin - unless you moisturize and use a primer beforehand in order to provide a good base. Even I need some sort of primer before this in order to get it to look right - I use La Roche Posay Effaclar K as a foundation primer.

It photographs very well - here is the final product once I added in concealer (Bobbi Brown "Natural"), bronzer (Dior Sunshine) and blush (MAC Redhead MSF):

without flash
with flash


- extended colour range, way better than previous Chanel Foundation colour selection
- great for normal-oily skin, doesn't require any powder to set and lasts up to 6-8 hours on me without touch-ups
- natural satin-matte finish
- light medium coverage (which you could build up but I prefer to just use concealer on any areas of concern)
- doesn't break me out
- photographs well
- doesn't feel as heavy on the skin as Chanel Mat Lumiere or Pro Lumiere


- terrible on any patches of dry skin
- hard to blend, takes a bit more work in order to get it to look right
- very heavily scented - smells like Chanel's Hydramax skincare line which smells nice for skincare but not as a lingering scent of foundation
- pump tends to clog
- dries down almost an entire shade darker than when you first swatch it on the skin, so be careful when choosing the right shade

In conclusion, I don't hate this foundation yet I'm not amazed by it either. To be honest I was more vowed by Vitalumiere Aqua which I really loved except for the fact that it broke me out so I never bought the full size.
I think that it's a nice foundation and t will probably work very well for me as a night-time summer foundation because it has a good lasting power on oily skin without feeling heavy (which was my major CON with Chanel Mat Lumiere).

If you are a fan of Mat Lumiere, you should definitely give this one a go!