SandraUpdate, Personal

Excuses, Excuses

SandraUpdate, Personal

I've been the worst blogger ever.
Midterm exams, impending long weekend getaway and trying to fit in a bit of time at the gym a few times a week has really been cutting into my free time.

Anyways, just thought I'd post a quick update/summary type thing using little snapshots from my beloved iPhone's Instagram App.

1. All packed and ready for tomorrow!
2. Vintage watch love
3, 5, 12 - I am obsessed with my Tassimo machine, can't you tell?
4. Saturday night debauchery
6. Lancome Doll Lashes can be so nice when it doesn't transfer
7. the weather forecast for the Phoenix region this weekend *happy dance*
8. The last makeup acquisitions before the October Ban started (I had ordered some Chanel items in advance, and I've been craving a second helping of MUFE Smoky Lash for ages now)
9. the post-gym regime
10. my first piece of Apple, yesterday was a sad day
11. Avene Diacneal, my love for this is rekindled.

How was your week?
Any Thanksgiving plans, fellow Canadians?

I will try to capture some OOTDs while I am away since I'm bringing my camera, I'll have nice backgrounds AND even nicer friends with me all weekend so stay tuned :)