SandraFashion, Update, Personal

In and Out, October 2011

SandraFashion, Update, Personal

- beautiful fall weather here over the past few days

- SO many favourite shows I need to catch up on. I love that because it always gives me something to do... I have yet to watch Gossip Girl and Dexter this season so I'm excited to do so. Also got hooked on How To Make It In America, and getting my reality TV fix weekly with Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, US and UK X-factor and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  PHEW! That was a mouthful

- catching up with old friends. It was so lovely to see a close family friend that I've known since first grade back in Romania, Phoenix is a cool city to visit and we went to a great fashion show on the last night of Phoenix Fashion Week.
It was so well produced and featured some beautiful designs and models so we just soaked it all up! Will do a post on it later on in the week. I'm suffering from a monster cold at the moment and have barely touched my camera's memory card.

- bright lipsticks. I've been wearing MAC's Impassioned a lot, and even busted out Chanel's Dragon from the archives (albeit toned down as a stain).

- this dress by Pencey... it's currently being eyed by me. The perfect Fall piece - for layering, or wearing alone with a myriad of different accessories. I want.


- got a monster cold right before midterms. Figures.

- my closet looks like a tornado has raided it again

- I'm so congested that I can't think of anything else...