So close, yet so far...

Remember my coloured denim post here?
The red jeans and simple striped top, in particular...

Well, today I came so close, here I am reporting live from an American Eagle changing room! I haven't stepped into this store in ages but I was pleasantly surprised to see EXACTLY what I was looking for, hanging from the shelves... and on sale, cha ching!
I quickly went in the room and changed but something just wasn't right :(

Don't you just hate that? The tops were only left in size XL, which doesn't look too bad in the picture but it was just SO long and the sleeves were just a bit awkward.
The jeans I was exactly in between sizes. One size was too tight - muffin top tight - and the size I have on in the photo was saggy in the back.

I'm sad... but I guess that the hunt continues!!

Hope your shopping ventures this week were more successful than mine, my makeup/skincare buying ban is still going strong!