F/W 2011 Fragrance Wishlist

I treat myself to a new fragrance every fall/winter - last year I was enamoured by the sexy freshness of Tom Ford For Men, this year I have let my list get a bit too long...

I like a lot of different types of perfumes - I have favourites in the floral, musky and fresh/citrus families. I find perfume another way of expressing an emotion, a look, an idea.
Simply put, new fragrance makes me happy.

Here's my list of fragrances I'm obsessed with at the moment (obsessed being defined as... I stalk the bottles at each counter I see them displayed on, and spray without hesitation).

1. Elie Saab Le Parfum, aka orange blossom & jasmine goodness.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien
Another dose of jasmine goodness, with a touch of vanilla (amongst other things) at dry down. This is funny because I absolutely hated this scent when it first came out, and I hate the bottle too, but this summer I became in love with it after using my friend's on a night out. It smelled really really good on me, and that made me happy. Still hate the bottle though.

3. Tom Ford Violet Blonde
A decadent blent of iris and (again) jasmine sambac. What is happening to me? I used to be the anti-jasmine and now I can't get enough. It's a more subtle and feminine fragrance as opposed to Tom Ford's other offerings - if Black Orchid was a tight black leather body-con dress, Violet Blonde is a crisp ivory shift dress. Does that make any sense? It smells a bit powdery at first *and I hate powdery scents* but as it dries down it just becomes beautiful. Great lasting power as well. I just wish the bottle was more inventive. This looks almost identical to my Tom Ford For Men bottle.

Are you a perfume junkie/hoarder like me? Have you had any experience with either of the perfumes I mentioned above?
I hope to walk away with at least one of them this fall/winter, I'll be content in my little jasmine wonderland. 

Also, while I'm on the subject, how do you store your perfumes? I currently have them on top of my dresser (away from direct sunlight but still in plain view) on a tray but I fear that it might turn some scents - my old bottle of Armani Code eau de parfum is looking suspicious.

Your opinion, as always, is very welcomed.