SandraCosmetics, UK, exciting, swap, Personal

Like Christmas came early :)

SandraCosmetics, UK, exciting, swap, Personal
Exciting things were happening on my doorstep this week! I open the door one rainy morning and to my surprise, two lovely packages were at my feet.
Both addressed to me, from the UK. I did a happy dance up the stairs with them in my arms.
One was from a lovely subscriber that I have been chatting with on YouTube for the past month or so - not sure if she reads my blog as well but her name is Lindsey and she is lovely. She doesn't do videos but she sent me a few little things to try which look wonderful and you'll surely see them popping around in future posts. Thank you so much, Lindsey!!

The other box was from my swap with the beautiful Vivianna (you can check out her blog here and her YouTube channel here) she's so nice and so much fun to watch and we have very similar taste in makeup/skincare aaand reality television characters. She wanted a couple things from here, I wanted a couple of things from there and it just worked out.
This was my first proper swap so you can imagine the fun and excitement. I loved shopping for her and I hope she gets my package soon! Canada Post moves at snail speed but the snail got sent via Air Mail so it better get there safely haha...
As we kept tweeting about our swap back and forth I got a lot of feedback from readers saying they'd like to see what I got so I figured I should do a post on it :)

Anyways, so we each sent our requested items and of course I couldn't help adding some more of my favourites and I see that she did the same. I kind of squealed when I opened the box. I asked for a Barry M nail paint, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (since we don't carry the original in Canada) and a tube of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.

Not only did she get me what I requested (and LOVE) but she also threw in some amazing items that I've always secretly wanted to try. This truly is the "best of the best" of Superdrug! Thank you so much, Vivianna <3
I've already attacked the lipstick she got me - it's in my school bag, the Sleek natural palette is great and the Collection 2000 concealer is so good too! The Cobalt Blue nail polish is on my nails and I can't wait to try everything else.

Hope you're all having a great day!