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Seche Vite is one of those cult nail products.
A fast drying top coat (filled with a ton of suspect ingredients that are not meant to be inhaled - I always make sure I use it in a ventilated area... or maybe a fume hood if you have one handy) that leaves the nails looking shiny and glossy and perfect for up to a week, depending on the polish you're using. Mine has a pinkish tinge because I've been enjoying it with red nail polish a bit too much lately.

I tried to stray from it and tested out options from Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie... but none of them were as efficient as Seche Vite. I'm not the most skilled manicurist so I'll take the fastest drying I can get.
With that all being said - the one fault of Seche is that because of its fast drying capabilities, it also gets super goopy and thick in the bottle. After a few uses the consistency changes and it becomes increasingly difficult to use. Some people throw out the bottle halfway and purchase a new one.

However, a solution does exist in the form of Seche Restore.
A nail polish thinner specially formulated to restore your bottle of Seche Vite to its original consistency. I bought my first bottle of Restore (pictured here) well over a year ago on eBay. I have also seen it at Ulta in the US and on Amazon. It costs the same as Seche Vite, around 8 or 9 dollars. It comes in a standard nail polish bottle and comes with a glass dropper.

Now, I didn't want to write about it right away because I was skeptical at first and wanted to see how long a bottle of it would last me. I have about 2/3 uses of it left and I am happy to say that it is definitely worth it if you are a Seche Vite lover like me. So far, I have used my one Seche Restore on 3 bottles of Seche Vite and it enabled me to use them up completely. I used about a half a dropper of the Restore anytime I felt that Seche Vite was drying out and it ensured that the consistency stayed the same. Start by just adding a few drops  first since it's better to gradually dilute it rather than dilute it too much and make it streaky - a mistake I made before.

All in all, I would recommend snatching up a bottle of Seche Restore if you're feeling unsatisfied with Seche Vite drying out. It will extend the life of your top coat  (and many more after that). It also claims to be good for thinning out regular nail polish but I have never tried.

Hope you are having a good Monday!