SandraShoes, Personal

Short and simple

SandraShoes, Personal

Today I am going to work for most of the day, then try and spend the rest of the weekend recuperating brain cells lost to school work and bad sleeping habits throughout the week.

So I decided to keep the post short and sweet -

The first thing is these adorable studded black suede loafers. Purchased from Nordstrom in their trusty "half yearly sale". I almost bought these full priced at my friend's boutique last month but she only had them in a nude colour which wasn't really what I was looking for. I'm now glad I didn't because I wanted them in black and they were on sale, happy days! You can still find them here if you're interested. They're no Christian Louboutin Rollerballs but I love them just the same ;)

DV Dolce Vita "Wink" loafers

A more random favourite is my snack of choice. Used to be bananas and Nutella but since there's been a banana shortage at my residence I've had to settle for the next best thing, half a teaspoon of organic smooth peanut butter, half a teaspoon of Nutella... heaven!

nom nom nom
Hope your weekend is lovely!