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A Skincare Rut

SandraQuestions, Skincare, Personal

I hate it when this happens and I'm sure I'm not the only one - everytime we go through some sort of season change (from hot to cold or vice versa) I always become increasingly dissatisfied with my skincare and get the sudden urge for a change. Something, anything, as long as it's different.

I have no complaints about my current routine, really, but I just feel like things could be better. I always seek continuous improvement when it comes to skincare and when the train slows down I feel like I should hop on another route (nice metaphors I make up for these things).

I especially would like some sort of pampering mask that I can use weekly or biweekly - something that smells amazing and just makes my skin perk up.
A new gentle daytime cleanser would be nice, as well as some sort of gentle exfoliating night treatment, a serum, a moisturizer... ah anything will do, I just need a change and I'm sure you get the point.

Some brands I was interested in looking at - Dermalogica (as always, I'm inquisitive yet still have never tried anything by them since they have SO much stuff it's overwhelming), Skinceuticals, Obagi, Eminence Organics, Sisley, Sibu, Chantecaille???

Help! I generally have oily, acne/prone skin but as of late it's normal-combination and looking dull and dehydrated. If I moisturize even a little it gets too greasy yet if I skip the moisturizer it feels uncomfortable.

Are there any particular skin treats that are rocking your world lately? Please don't hesitate to share!