SandraDroolworthy, Inspiration

A Tuesday dose of droolworthy items

SandraDroolworthy, Inspiration
Currently obsessed with these few items, which I'm observing from afar because a) they are way out of reach financially, b) I have no clue who makes them or c) the dreaded "sold out" phenomenon.

But looking at them makes me feel inspired and happy nonetheless so I feel like it's only right for me to share them with you :)

Exhibit A:
I saw this on a random tumblr, of course I have no idea who it is, where it originates from (like most things on tumblr) but this shirt and the way she styled it took my breath away. It's so interesting. I love the rough texture of the denim and the shoulder patches with the softness of the feminine silk print backing. Any ideas on who designs the shirt? Love.

Exhibit B:
I blame this on Tamara Ecclestone's cringeworthy (but captivating at the same time) new reality show aptly titled "Billion $$ Girl" - she's always rocking 3 Cartier Love bracelets, one in each colour and they are beautiful pieces of jewelry.
Considering they start at around $3000 without any diamonds, I'm terrified to even dare think of how much a diamond one would cost... but gorgeous pieces nonetheless. One day, Sandra, one day!

Exhibit C:
I've been drooling over these on various sites (Saks Fifth Avenue, Luisaviaroma and Net-a-porter carried them), they're sets of rings by Maison Martin Margiela and they are meant to be worn one on each finger. They come plated in gold, rose gold and white gold and they're perfect. They're sold out and I hope they become re-stocked sometime in the next couple of months because they're a heavy contender for my annual "nice Christmas present to myself". Who needs boyfriends for the holidays, really? ;)

Note: I have also spotted these on Rosie from Made in Chelsea. She's a questionable character on the show but she has great style.

Hope you're having a great day!

PS: we're halfway done through Blogvember... woohoo!