SandraChanel, Hair Color, Personal

In and Out, 03.01.12

SandraChanel, Hair Color, Personal

I love the start of a new year. Over the past year I've become someone who always tries to challenge herself at the start of every month, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the challenge. Sometimes, like last month, it's makeup related or sometimes it's on a more personal level. The past year was definitely a year of growth in a lot of aspects of my life. What better way to continue on my little journey than with the start of a new year? :)

So in with the positivity, in with quest to be more organized (my closet literally looks like a bomb exploded inside, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a small family of squirrels hiding in the corners and munching on old forgotten pieces of my 2005 wardrobe that I keep hoarding) and, more importantly, in with health! Drinking more water, eating better, exercising and all that jazz... I have had an incredibly tough last couple of months and haven't taken proper care of myself. My skin is a disaster, I barely drank 2 cups of water a day let along 2 litres and I've been surviving on refined carbohydrates. Gross.

Anyways, enough with the ramble and on to some more entertaining IN and OUTS!


- getting hair cut and the colour touched up. It feels thick and looks shiny and healthy. Win.

- Gossip Girl. I am SO happy I caught up with the current season over winter break. It's amazing and has re-stored my faith in the sinking ship that used to be that show! If you were a Gossip Girl fan and have abandoned the ship, please hop back aboard because you won't be sorry. You'll want to cause severe physical harm to a certain prince of Monaco, but you won't be sorry.

- Chanel Chance. I got an e-mail showing these cute purse sprays coming out this year with all the Chance fragrances (and I am obsessed with them all, I own Eau Fraiche but have currently been surviving off of samples of Chance original). I want all of these! How beautiful are they? I can only hope that they'll be available in Canada soon. 

- finding the sequin dresses I loved on the runway at Phoenix Fashion week! They were featured in the closing show of the week, Blaque Label, and they looked incredible on the models. So eye catching and beautiful. I found them online today in a few different colours and I was pleasantly surprised that the price tag was more than reasonable (compared to very similar offerings by Brian Lichtenberg which cost 5 times as much... plus I'm kinda sick of those extreme shoulder pads).

Anyways isn't this beautiful? They look stunning in person, I promise. I know that New Years eve has passed but there are plenty of fun occasions to celebrate throughout the year, so this baby is saved in my shopping cart. If you are interested, you can find them 


 or even better priced (thanks Kelly)


- Peanut butter and Nutella

- Using products up

- no longer being on a nail polish ban *evil laughter*


- 2011. Don't let the door hit you on your way out :)