The Pink Kevin Murphy Color Bug

I have been fascinated from afar by this product ever since I saw it featured in a magazine shoot with one of my favourite models. The idea seems so cool - a completely temporary intense pigment that gives you fun colour with no commitment! Last month I took the plunge and purchased one, in pink. 

It's basically one giant eyeshadow for your hair. Completely washable and temporary while still delivering intense colour results.

this is the picture that got me intrigued!

I could drone on and on about how to use it, but I found this awesome video by the master himself, Kevin Murphy, explaining how to use the product on a variety of shades of hair. 

I've become a big fan of his products recently and I would have never even have thought to check out the brand hadn't it been for my hairstylist who recommended it to me. I have been hooked since.

The Color Bug was no different. Easy to use and it definitely showed up on my super dark brown hair. I applied a small amount of Kevin Murphy Hair Resort (which is basically a sea salt spray type of thing, in gel form) to the ends of my hair where I wanted the colour to deposit and then I went to town! I was in a total rush to get out and never got the chance to photograph it with my DSLR camera, but I did manage to carefully crop myself out of one of the photos my friend took with her camera, so you can see how well it showed up on my dark hair:

Would I recommend them? Absolutely! It was easy to use (I watched the video above for instructions although it comes with simple and easy to follow instructions in the packaging) and it lasts all day, and completely washes out afterwards. One word of warning, though,


 put a dark towel on your shoulders as you're rubbing it into the hair since it does get quite messy and you have quite a bit of fallout when you first apply it, before it sets. I would also recommend not wearing your favourite light coloured blouse since you might have some transfer. It does completely wash out of fabric, but still. Better be safe than sorry.

You can find them at any salon that carries Kevin Murphy (using the salon locator on their website

 or if you don't have any nearby, they are available on eBay from various trusty sellers


. They come in pink, orange and purple. I think the orange one would be my next choice. A red would be nice too!