Armani Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara

This was my first dip into Giorgio Armani mascaras - they offer a few varieties, with the "Eyes To Kill" range being geared towards voluminous lashes. Volume is probably my most sought-after characteristic in a mascara. I had heard a few people rave about these mascaras so I made the purchase. At $30 it is in the same price range as YSL mascara. (Note: I got mine from the USA. I'm assuming in Canada it's more expensive. In Canada you can find Giorgio Armani Cosmetics at select Holt Renfrew department stores.)

Before I get into it, I'd like to again let you know what other mascaras I love, just to give you an idea. I know that not all of us need or like the same types of mascara because we have different lashes, so here goes. My favourite mascara to date: Makeup Forever Smoky Lash. Other honourable mentions include YSL Faux Cils (the regular one, not the Noir Radical or the Shocking), Prestige My Blackest Lashes and L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.

So with that being said, you will get the idea of what I am comparing this mascara against.

They do have an "Eyes to Kill" regular version of this mascara, but this is the "Excess" which is meant to be blacker and more va-va-voom, I suppose.

Packaging is all black, nice and sleek. The tube is made of metal, it feels like. It's quite heavy and feel sturdy in the hand, which I really liked. 

The part of the lid holding up the wand is heavy, which offers increased stability and easy application. 

The wand is medium-sized, with different sizes of bristles in a rough spiral shape.

The formula doesn't smell like anything in particular.

Here is what it looks like on - left eye has nothing on, right eye has Armani Eyes To Kill Excess mascara. Lashes were curled beforehand.

The verdict: I liked this mascara. I don't like it enough to bump Makeup Forever Smoky Lash off the top spot in my heart, but it is a nice product. Here's why:

1 - the formula stayed consistent throughout the lifespan of the mascara. It worked great at the start of the tube, and it didn't get "better with age" nor did it get annoyingly dry *cough* like Smoky Lash *cough*

The only way I can tell that it's nearing the end is that it's starting to flake and transfer by the end of the day, which is something it didn't do in the first 2 months of use. Now we are approaching month 3 and it's time to say goodbye.

2 - it's buildable without getting super clumpy

3 - easy to remove at night

4 - didn't transfer or flake (which is a huge issue with me and most mascaras, it's the reason L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black doesn't get any love from me anymore... that sucker transfers within an hour on my oily skin). Like I said, it only started to transfer towards the end of the tube.

What I didn't like about it:

1 - takes more effort to get more volume out of it. I am lazy and I don't like to coat mascara on until the sun goes down. I like one coat and go. This needs 2-3 coats in order to get similar volume that I get from MUFE Smoky Lash or others.

2 - it's not that black. It may say "excess" but it dries with a slight sheen. You can't tell in basic natural light, but with flash or sunlight it's more apparent.

3 - now this is both a pro and con... it's more lengthening, which is fine if that's what you love in a mascara. But it gives more length than volume, while I would prefer volume first, length second... if that makes any sense. I find that because it adds more length, it doesn't hold a curl as well since it weighs the lashes more at the top than at the root. After about 6 hours the curl drops.

4 - this mascara


 a curled lash before application. While with Prestige or MUFE Smoky lash or Faux Cils I was able to get away without curling, using Eyes To Kill Excess on an uncurled lash is just blah. It doesn't lift the lashes at the root without any help from a curler.

I can't compare it to the original Eyes To Kill since I haven't tried that yet, but the good news is that I do own that one too now so I will be able to start testing it out soon, and I will report back as always.

I hope you found this review helpful if you were considering this mascara.

All in all, I did like it. Takes a bit more effort but it does offer a tad bit more length in return. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but I don't regret trying it.

You can purchase this mascara

online here

. Not sure where they carry Giorgio Armani Cosmetics overseas - in Germany I have seen it at select Douglas stores. In the USA you can find it at select department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus.