The Life and Death of Bare Study Paint Pot

Yesterday was a sad day in my makeup collection, friends. I have experienced my very first "MAC Paint Pot" failure. Paint Pots are amongst my favourite things that MAC makes. I own and regularly use 3, with one that I slightly preferred over the others... called 

Bare Study

Bare Study is a pale champagne colour, perfect for those days when you're in a rush and want a bit of brightness on the eyelid. I apply it with my fingers, like I do with all of my similar potted types of eye products. Paint Pots don't stay completely creaseless on me throughout the day but I do get a good 6 hours of wear out of them.

However, last week, something strange happened. I wake up in my morning daze and having slept in, I wanted a quick and effortless eye brightening... so on to Bare Study I went!

I started applying it on my eyelids with my fingers as I usually do, yet it was NOT co-operating. It went chunky and patchy... a complete nightmare to blend.

a chunky and dry mess

It was in fact impossible to blend out. I had to remove it and just opt for something else. Unfortunately my product has dried out and has become useless to me, which is a shame since you can see from the first picture I took that I have about half a pot full of the product. (I have had it for roughly 2 years if I remember correctly).

I had heard of this happening to people with Paint Pots in the past but I always dismissed it - I always make sure I close the lid super tight after each use. Besides, my other Paint Pot in "Rubenesque" is about 6 months older than Bare Study and it isn't doing this.

It's a shame that these products don't last enough for them to be used up completely. Has anyone here every fully finished a MAC Paint Pot? Or have they all met their dry demise at about halfway through?