Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector vs. MAC Strobe Cream

I got a great idea the other night on Twitter from one of my favourite bloggers, Tina from

All The Vanity

. She was inquiring about how my newly acquired Shimmering Skin Perfector by Becca (in the shade Pearl) compared to my previously loved liquid highlighter, MAC Strobe Cream. I ran out of MAC Strobe Cream, which is something that I always kept in my makeup drawer - saved for those dreary days when my skin feels dry and dull. I either apply products like these to the cheekbones under/over my foundation... or I mix it in with foundation for a bit more luminosity. MAC also makes a more liquidy version called Strobe Liquid, but I always preferred Strobe Cream because it was a bit more emollient and easy to distribute on the skin. Strobe Cream also contains antioxidant ingredients that benefit the skin.

Their textures were quite similar and both blended into the skin with the same amount of ease.

LEFT - Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, RIGHT - MAC Strobe Cream

Main differences:

This was hard to capture accurately on camera but MAC Strobe Cream has more of a "mother of pearl" effect and colour... It can pull some subtle pink/blue tones in different lighting, which probably can look amazing on very pale or pink-undertoned skin. This property wasn't necessarily flattering on me when I had a bit of a tan (when I tan leaning towards yellow/olive undertones) so do keep that in mind if you're on that end of the colour spectrum.

Becca is more subtle. The lotion itself doesn't leave a white or pearly cast - even though it appears to do so on camera since I really had to pack it on to get it to show up! It simply delivers a soft glow to the skin without altering the colour underneath. It also contains SPF 25.

The pearliness of MAC Strobe Cream is so strong that it leaves a slight white cast if you try to use it on top of your foundation/blush. This is why I personally only ever used this under makeup or mixed with foundation.

I prefer the packaging of Becca - Strobe Cream can get quite messy and hard to get out of the tube when it's close to reaching the end of the tube. Strobe Liquid comes in a pump, but like I said, I just always preferred the Cream for some reason.

Price is also a big difference - they are both 50mL, but MAC retails for $18 while Becca is almost twice as pricy at $41. You need only a small bit of these types of products so I definitely think that a bottle of either can last you a year or more, even with regular use.

MAC Strobe Cream looks better on the decoltee area because of that extra sheen.

Ultimately they are both quite similar in the effect but after trying out the Becca I can definitely say that I prefer it. It's just a more subtle and refined highlight. It's probably the most natural highlighter I've ever tried. It does come in 3 different shades yet I think that Pearl can work on skin tones from the palest ivory to about a MAC NC40 or so.

You can find MAC, as always, on their website

 and you can find Becca at

 - not sure if they ship to Canada, though. I got mine when I was in New York City at Duane Reade (on Lexington Avenue & 42nd St. if I remember correctly).

I hope this was useful in making your decision.

Ultimately if you are pink/cool toned and more pale I think that the pearly finish of the MAC Strobe Cream will be more flattering on you, and will also provide a more intense highlight.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is ideal if you just want a subtle natural glow. It doesn't look shimmery or glittery or have that duochrome pearl in it. It also still manages to shine through foundation (if you apply it underneath) better than the MAC Strobe Cream.

Keep an eye out for some Face of The Day posts featuring it pretty soon.