While the bracelet stacking trend has been getting gradually more popular over the past year (and which I do love, by the way) I wanted to take a break and scale back to simple and dainty pieces.

In this post I want to show you one of my favourite pieces of jewelry at the moment. It's a recent addition that I purchased on my weekend away to the US a couple weeks back and I have not taken it off since I left the store with it - a bracelet with cursive "love" written on it by Jennifer Zeuner

Her pieces are to die for and I'm seriously contemplating purchasing that silver cross one as well from Shopbop. I got my bracelet from an Intermix boutique but it was the only bracelet by her that they had.

I love everything about it - it's delicate and special. I also appreciate the fact that it has an adjustable length. I have tiny wrists so it's often difficult for me to find bracelets that fit properly. I like to wear it a little loose when I'm about to layer it with other things, or tight and more snug when I wear it by itself.

This is by far my most loved purchase of the month and it's something I will treasure for many months to come.

What jewelry have you been loving lately?