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The Pros and Cons of Cheap Rings

FashionSandraJewelry, ASOS, OPI

If you follow me on Twitter of Facebook you'll know that I've been lamenting over Maison Martin Margiela rings for a long time. Deterred by their $500+ price tag, I was so excited to see that ASOS had come up with an "inspired" version for just under $14.

Um, hello! Obviously I clicked "buy" and in less than two weeks they showed up in my mailbox (free shipping, which is always an added bonus).

One set comes with 3 adjustable rings. They come in silver and gold, and I opted for the gold version a la Rosie from Made in Chelsea.

They're bold and edgy yet simple due to the clean lines. I really love the design. On my nails I'm wearing Ski Teal We Drop by OPI.

The con?

After not even 3 times wearing them (and keeping them away from water, mind you), they started tarnishing and turned all gross.

They still look decent and wearable from afar but it's definitely disappointing.

Perhaps another store will come up with a slightly more sturdy "inspired" version.

Have you had any jewelry disappointments lately?