In and Out July 2012

Here's what's been on the menu lately:


- lace shorts, lace skirts, crochet detailing... I'm obsessed. I tried these babies on in Toronto over the past weekend and made every excuse imaginable not to buy them. If they had been just a tiny bit higher waisted it would have been more flattering on my body shape.

But I still adore them.

- one eyeshadow all over the lid. I need to do a blog post soon with some of my favourite products to achieve the look. Being lazy with eye makeup can be fun after all :)

- Summer in general. Sunshine always puts me in a good mood.

- having some free time to catch up on reading/TV shows/games/music that I had been too busy to keep up with in the recent months. Any recommendations are welcome in any of those categories. Currently reading both Middlesex and The Alchemist and I am thoroughly loving both.

- dry shampoo


- despite my dwindling bank account after paying for school and some minor setbacks, life is pretty decent at the moment. Outs are out.

What are you into?