FashionSandraASOS, Tops

Need. More. Peplum.

FashionSandraASOS, Tops

I'm dying for some peplum in my wardrobe and it has to happen soon. I am late on the bandwagon but this is such a beautiful, flattering and feminine structured silhouette. Here are some of my favourites from the interweb, prices both low and high... (I know that Zara and H&M have some available as well but Zara is pretty much non existent where I live and my local H&M has the most questionable selection known to man).


Y'all know I like my clothes plain :)

Do you have any peplum tops in your wardrobe? Do you get a lot of wear out of them? Is it something worth investing it or just a fad? I personally thing it's quite flattering and thus will be a timeless piece for any woman's wardrobe.