A couple of weeks ago I was perusing the aisles of my beloved local drugstore when I stumbled across a "3 for 2" type of sale on Rimmel cosmetics. I was feeling rather... experimental... so I walked out with some new goodies that I have been using for the past several days.

1. Kate Moss lipstick in #113

This. Smells. So. Bad.

Why oh why do brands decide to pump nasty smells in perfectly good lipsticks? The texture and colour of this are absolutely beautiful. It's creamy and matte and a slightly lighter version of MAC Shy Girl. I can tone down the nasty smell by using it underneath a nicely scented balmy lip product like a YSL Sheer Candy or Maybelline Baby Lips. I have actually created some of my favourite lip combinations in this way and I'll be sure to show you more in detail soon :)

2. Stay Matte Powder

The Internet has been ablaze with rave reviews of this setting powder. Many of my fellow oily skinned girls have dubbed this the best setting powder they have ever used. Me? Underwhelmed. It's just TOO matte. It literally sucks the life out of the areas of the face where I place it, and still doesn't miraculously keep the oils at bay all day long. This is a miss. The NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder is superior, in my opinion (I have the pressed powder version, which for some reason I've only been able to find online on



3. Wake Me Up Concealer

This has a lovely texture and doesn't crease under the eyes. It's a bit too sheer for me for some days, but works great in conjunction with my Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener if I'm now having a particular bad under-eye day and just need a quick lift. Awesome formula, terrible colour selection (my shade is Fair/Very Light and it's more of a Light/Medium, I'd say.)

How do you feel about Rimmel cosmetics? 

What have you tried and is there anything I should be looking at next?