Skincare Sunday II: SilkPeel Dermalinfusion

Exciting times over here in skincare land... this week I had my very first "professional" skincare treatment. A super gentle treatment, if you compare it to the likes of intense peels or lasers, but a first for me nonetheless so I thought it would be fun to share my experience on the blog.
The procedure is called SilkPeel and it combines the process of microdermabrasion along with the simultanous delivery of a skincare solution depending on your need. There are different available formulas depending on your skin concern - clarifying for acne, vitamin C for anti-aging, lumixyl for hyperpigmentation or hydration of very dry skins. I chose the clarifying formula which is salicylic acid based. 

I've never had a microdermabrasion before but it felt very nice and thorough. A diamond-tip wand is used to break down damaged cells on the top layer of the skin leaving the fresh cells underneath exposed to whatever condition-specific solution you have selected for your treatment. The whole thing lasted about half an hour and, like I said, I felt no discomfort whatsoever. It was soothing and it felt great having all those gross dead skin cells scraped off!

Before - a post cystic acne war zone

The cost? I paid $110, taxes included, at my local dermatologist.

The results?

Slight redness right after the procedure itself but it went away within a couple of hours. My skin texture was visibly improved. Skin surface looked smoother and any annoying bumps I had brewing are gone.  The skincare solution that was infused during the procedure is intended to keep on working at improving and addressing particular skincare concerns. My deeper acne scars and more aggressive hyperpigmentation weren't improved but that wasn't within the scope of a single treatment. My dermatologist recommended this treatment almost as a "primer", before diving into a series of more aggressive peels (which I will also document). 

After - a smoother, softer skin texture
Some of the acne scarring I have accumulated over years and years of fighting with cystic acne is too deep for normal over-the-counter products to obliterate. After having my breakouts under control for the best past of the last 2 years it is finally time for me to properly and professionally address those scars!

I'm very happy with my little introduction to professional skincare solutions. I can imagine that this type of treatment would produce amazing results on slightly more mature skins in need of a good "pick-me-up"... their Vitamin C brightening version of this treatment certainly looks promising :)

Have you been battling acne scarring? What has worked for you and what hasn't?

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