A Perfect Everyday MAC Quad

I have neglected almost all eyeshadows in my collection except for this little quad I put together during the last week of April. It contains all I need for a subtle, classic, clean every day makeup look. 
These little DIY quads from MAC are so handy for traveling or any woman on the go who doesn't really have time to fuss around with a vast eyeshadow collection. I never found a "ready-made" quad (by any brand) that totally satisfies me, so the fact that these little things can be changed up to my heart's desire is even more appealing. Other brands have similar concepts (like Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier) but MAC just does it best, in my opinion.

Enough rambling about the magic of quads - here is my mix that is perfect for everyday:

* Note: my quad was purchased years ago - MAC redesigned them this past year and they now look a lot more sleek.

1. Wedge - no lies, this is my favourite crease colour of all time. I have had brief love affairs with some Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown shadows but this little thing brings me back every time. There's just something about the tone of this brown that works with my skin tone and helps define the crease no matter what eyeshadow look I am going for.

2. Swiss Chocolate - absolutely gorgeous added to the crease if you want more warmth. Works amazingly as liner as well, especially to blend out a darker brown kohl pencil.

3. Brule - a great no-fuss base eyeshadow. Brightens up the lid. It's slightly lighter than my skin tone so I like using it to clean up the area under the brow bone.

4. Shroom - my favourite highlight eyeshadow that MAC make. Perfect for the inner corner or all over the lid for a super bright eye-opening effect.

You can get any of these items on the MAC website or from Nordstrom, amongst other retailers. They're part of the permanent collection and I don't think you could go wrong with this combo.

What are some of your favourite everyday eyeshadow combinations?