Skincare Sunday VII: The End Of An Era

It's happening, y'all.
After a solid 8 months of using the same eye cream combination day and night, I am getting to the very last bits of both my daytime and night time eye creams. 

I talked more in detail about the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye here - it's a wonderful treatment that I use every single night. I don't have a very dry or sensitive under-eye area so this did the trick. It might not be moisturizing enough for someone that has a dry under-eye area but it is designed to be able to be layered underneath other eye creams so don't count it out when you're shopping! The scent is light and herbal, and I definitely found that using this nightly has helped decrease the chances of puffiness in the morning. 

During the day I resort to La Roche Posay Redermic C which is a very light textured lotion geared towards age/fine line/wrinkle prevention. Vitamin C is an important ingredient when it comes to anti-aging and I love the light texture of this. 

While this current combination has kept puffiness and dark circles at bay, I am looking to try something new... perhaps something a bit more intensive for night time since *gasps* I am seeing a few lines that I'd rather not these days (thanks, stress and life... thanks a lot). 

Recommendations are welcome :)